OUR WISH LIST ......... Urgent needs are in red! 

Pedigree Adult Chicken dog food
portable dog kennels
feed and water bowls
welded wire kennel panels
clean grass hay
clean alfalfa hay
dog treats 
rawhide free chew toys
collars, harnesses and leashes
blankets & large towels

As with all non-profit humane organizations, there is always a continuous need for funding, food, animal specific supplies, and especially Veterinary Services. We know that running a shelter of this type is a real business and we are very focused in developing sound and professional strategies in obtaining the much needed funding, supplies and materials we need to continue our work. 
We want to ensure to you that all donations received will go directly where it is needed most - to the daily care of each animal that finds its way into our facility.
All Creatures Animal Hospital
Kayla Williams DVM
Jennifer Banks CVT
Dick & Cindy Ramsey
Tina Freeman
Karma Warner
Erin Kaufman
Clima-Tech, Boise
Tambi Carrillo
Lori McLaughlin
Gail Farrow
Sarah Fendley
Big City Coffee & Cafe
Wendi Wilde
Vicki Marsh
Internet Truckstop
Diana & Beau Clover
D&S Factors 
Lynn Swain-Hartzell
Megan & Mike Werner
Jeri Evans
Toni & Robbie Ziemer
DJ'S Pilgrim Market
Alan & Kay Beebe
Harold McEwen
Peggy Jensen
Becky Tucker
Lois Silva
Eric Strickland
Linda Ross
Floyd & Gayle Goins
Bimart Store, Ontario
Equine Innovations
The Simmons Family
Doug & Betty Moscrip
Robert & Laura Elliott
Renee & Wes Jenkins
Lee & Dotty Brown
Cheryl Rudd
Robert & Brandi Presher
Joe & Leigh Foxall
Tim & Tracy Leonard
Marci Vincente
Diane Marlow
Dee Terry
Judy Austin c/o Kristin Bott
Lauren Gelber & Sean Wormuth
Sandra Hill
Rick Cooney
Rick & Barbara Postlewaite
Ted Samford
Joyce Foster & Darla Garfield
Marlin & Leora Casteel
Dorothy Bivins
Jean Parker
Lonnie Rae
Kenneth Butts
Bev Davenport 
Cresenda Gehrke
Fruitland Heritage 4H
Liz Amason
Kathy Hardy
Vicky Andrews
Judy Kienzle
Dan & Lisa Misner
Julie Kuenzli
Wangler Family
Bryan Family
Michaela Green
Tina & Scott Thomas
Angela & John Watts
Gubenya Family
Jamie Jo Martin
Sharon O'Toole
Debi Sheridan
Bart, Lisa, and Kai
Deanna Branscomb
Leah & Jake Freeman
Dave & Betty Morrison
Morgan Wolfe
Jennifer Handsaker
Sharkey Family
James & Claudia Diefenderfer
Community of Christ
AJ Crawford
San Dee Sinclair
Betty & Frank Mancuso
Kim Mancuso Breen
Roger Anderson
Nicole Tycz
Jim & Iris Hardin
Pridmore Family
Tony & Lana Naillon
Betty Smith
Kat McClellan
Lisa & Eddie Aguilera
Annie Girard
Tory & Harvey Manser
George & Karen Neiberger
Shelly Moore
Phipps Family
Jimmie & Judy Hicks
Spike Gaskins
Linda Hart & Ernie Apodoca
Jane Leatherman
Tory Manser
Nicki Lugo
Richardson Family
The Burr Family
Beverly Peterson
Cleo Wells
We heat our kennel with a woodstove and need firewood to keep our concrete kennel warm especially in the winter time with constant freezing temperatures 
Can you help us? 
Any amount you can spare is greatly appreciated  
and we accept firewood all year long  

Veterinary services can be extremely expensive whether 
it's for emergency medical care, intake evaluation exams, vaccinations,
or spaying and neutering of our rescue dogs. 
Some of our rescues that appear to be sick or injured are immediately taken to All Creatures Animal Hospital for immediate evaluation and treatment;  
no dog will be allowed to suffer under any circumstance!     
We rely totally on your donations to help us with these expenses and your generous contributions are always greatly appreciated. 
You can send your donations to us or directly to 
All Creatures Animal Hospital in New Plymouth on our behalf.
All Creatures Animal Hospital, 5555 Hwy 52, New Plymouth, ID 83655
Our deepest gratitude to Brendan, Tom, Jeannette, Adrian, and Megan for their unselfish volunteerism to our rescue. They called to help and came out to spend a little one-on-one time with our dogs! They are truly an exeptional family!   Thank you so much for your kindness, enthusiasm and generosity!
Any donation is always tremendously appreciated.  I can pick up your donation or you can drop off your donations at our facility.  Please call ahead if you're dropping anything off so I can be sure to secure it out of inclement weather.                                Thank you
Our deepest appreciation goes to Sarah, her wonderful crew, and all of the generous customers at Big City Coffee Linen District, Boise. Without their continued support of our rescue, we could not have survived for the past two years. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts