Our primary mission is to provide temporary shelter and care   for lost, abandoned and unwanted dogs and horses that are found within Payette County, Idaho.
We also provide temporary shelter, local transport, and foster care assistance for established dog and horse rescue organizations;  temporary shelter care,        owner locate and rehoming services for our local law enforcement and services       that we are able to provide for all other animal welfare agencies.

We are additionally committed:

(1) To help to educate residents of Payette County in the humane care of dogs and horses and of the benefits of spaying and neutering family pets to help reduce animal overpopulation and decrease the numbers of unwanted and abandoned dogs.

(2) To find other needed assistance such as veterinary, farrier, grooming, or if absolutely necessary, euthanasia services for any animal brought to our facility. 
No animal will be allowed to suffer under any circumstances.

(3) To maintain a LOST & FOUND service to assist Payette County residents in finding their lost dogs and in locating the owners for dogs that are found.

(4)  To maintain a PET FOOD BANK to assist Payette County residents in feeding their family pets (dogs & cats) as an alternative to turning them out or giving them up for adoption. Our seniors are especially financially challenged and every effort will be made for any assistance we are able to provide in helping them care for their companion pets.